Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Why everyone is boycotting facebook ads ?

Recently the Indian government has banned China's apps and social media platforms in the country citing the integrity, sovereignty and national security of the country. No such example has been revealed so far, which suggests that these apps and social media platforms were somehow attacking the integrity, sovereignty and national security of the country. On the other hand, no action is taken among the public on day-to-day fake news and social media platforms like Poison spewing Facebook and Instagram.

Recently, the voice of boycott of Facebook and Instagram and the non-advertisement of it has come from the United States in the movement against apartheid and now it is being seen in the whole world except India. The campaign has been jointly started by many human rights organizations in the US and has been named "Stop Hate for Profit". Under this, companies running their 
advertisements on Facebook have been requested not to advertise on this social media platform in the month of July and a boycott has also been demanded.

So far, about 800 US companies have stopped advertising on Facebook since it started July under Stop Hate for Profit. These include companies such as Ford, Honda, Lewis Strauss, Target, Unilever and Adidas. Petroleum company BP is currently considering it. In Europe, companies such as Volkswagen, Honda Europe, Robinson, Ford Europe, Mars and EDF have also stopped advertising.

Inoran Ahmed, chief executive of Center Countering Digital Hate, has called on European companies to join the initiative. According to him, Facebook enjoys political patronage in the US, but most of the countries of Europe consider it a serious problem, so European companies should have wide participation in this campaign.

37 human rights organizations in the United Kingdom have also urged British companies to join the campaign. According to an estimate, more than one-third of large advertisers worldwide may join Stop Hate for Profit. In many referendums in Europe, the public has supported Facebook as being responsible for all misinformation, misleading propaganda, inciting violence and fake news.

New Zealand's largest media house- Stuff has also announced that they have temporarily broken ties with Facebook. Although it has more than a million followers on Facebook, Stuff has decided that no news will be posted on this platform until further notice. 

Facebook and Instagram are closing their eyes on fake news, hatred and violence that develops in society due to their economic benefits. This is all dangerous. Even in the era of this global epidemic, these social media platforms are busy spreading misleading and dangerous news related to Covid-19 ”.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jesinda Ardern has also welcomed the steps taken by Stuff, but also said that she cannot leave Facebook for the moment, as she is connected to the public through this social media platform. Jesinda Arderne said she would request Facebook to take control of Fake News. Last year, an Australian fanatic fired at automatic mosques in Christchurch after killing more than 50 people who were offering prayers, posting posts and videos of millions of inflammatory and violent tendencies on Facebook, in New Zealand. Had strongly condemned

Facebook has also been leaking personal information of its users for many years. The Cambridge Analytica case was widely discussed during the year 2018, when information from crores of people reached the market. Even after this, there was no difference in the functioning of Facebook. Once in 2019, Instagram had leaked data of 5 crore, and Facebook 42 million users, until the matter was exposed, Facebook sold the data of about 27 million other users in the market.
Carol Cadavladra wrote about Facebook on 5 July in The Guardian, "No power in the world is unable to make Facebook responsible for anything." The US Congress could not do anything and the European Union could not control it. The situation has reached such a point that when the US Federal Trade Commission fined Facebook $ 5 billion in the Cambridge Analytica case, Facebook's stock prices skyrocketed.

All foreign powers were involved in the 2016 US elections via Facebook and this affected the election results. Facebook has also broadcast live cases of genocide several times. According to a United Nations report, hatred for the Rohingya in Myanmar was spread on a scale through Facebook that it took the form of violence, massacres and is still being carried out today. Thousands of Rohingya were killed and millions had to leave their homes.

The journalist, Maria Ressa, who has recently been sentenced to 7 years in prison in the Philippines, has also periodically warned about Facebook's suspected role. Human rights activists see the punishment of Maria Race as a retaliation for Facebook. The former British Deputy Prime Minister calls Facebook a mirror of society, but many intellectuals call Facebook not a mirror but a weapon, that too an unlicensed weapon, so that even if you kill someone, you will not be caught.

At present, approx 2.5 billion people are connected to Facebook, in which case this number is more than the population of China. Human rights activists say it cannot be compared to China, rather it is more appropriate to call it North Korea, but Mark Zuckerberg is more powerful than dictator Kim Jong. According to some people, if you want to compare Facebook with a weapon, then that weapon will not be a gun, rifle, cannon or tank, but a straight nuclear bomb. It is a global empire empowered by only one dictator, Mark Zuckerberg.
Zuckerberg has the same principle, even if violence spreads, hatred is spread all over the world, no matter how many accusations are made, but no denial of any accusation, no one to pay attention to - just keep expanding his empire, and more Make more money. This is why Facebook's attitude never changes. Recently Zuckerberg said in an interview that there is nothing to worry about, as many people who have stopped advertising will be back soon. Facebook also directly or indirectly handles the main media.

Facebook's fake news or posts that incite violence do not only affect one color, race or country, but its impact is universal and poses a great threat to democracy around the world. It cannot be avoided as a mere coincidence that the countries most affected by Covid-19 include America, Brazil, India and England. If you notice since January, the posts of Facebook and Instagram were engaged in false and misleading propaganda against this epidemic in these countries. The governments of these four countries are such that they are in power only because of publicity on such social media platforms. Such is the condition of Facebook, which is not only bigger than China but bigger than the whole of capitalism. Facebook is the biggest support to sustain today's capitalism.


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