Wednesday, July 1, 2020

What is SEO ? SEO kya hai ?

                                        What is SEO

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is a way to get our website to the top of our browser. If we do a search engine optimization for your website, your visitors will be more likely to visit your site. There are various search engines. For example, Google, Yahoo !, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Q&A, etc. are search engines. If a person is searching for something, you will need to open a search engine first. But 83% of the world uses Google Search Engine. When we search for something on Google Search, you will find websites based on your search results.  What is SEO, SEO kya hai

Google lists the most popular or visited websites on the first page of Google Search Engine and places the lower priority visitor websites as a priority. 63% of people in the world only visit the top three sites on Google's first page, and the rest do not. To get into the top 3 of your website, you have to get good SEO - Search Engine Optimization - your website is Attractive and more important to the user. If your website is always a Customer or Subscriber, Google recognizes that your site is a good site, and as many visitors as possible, your site is likely to be at the top. If your website does not reach Google's first page, the website could be wasted.

In the past, websites appeared based on your search keywords. Most keywords websites are in the Top Rank. But in 1996, php student Larry Page and Sergey Brin changed the keyword principle. If a link is linked to another website and the keyword is linked, the linked page is displayed on the top page. It's not important to say that the keyword is not important, and the keyword quality of the website is important. Google searches our website through keywords, and the best quality backlinks, Google trusts our website.  What is SEO

Search engines rank our website in two ways. First, Onsite Optimization looks at the keywords on our website. For example, if we search Google for Movie Theaters, it is important that you have keywords such as Movie Theaters, Cinema Hall, and Movie Theater in Delhi. Secondly, in order for Offsite Optimization to be good, our website needs Quality Backlinks. Backlinks are any blog post or blog. Article, Social Media,If you have a link to your website, Google recognizes that our site is a good website. Only if Onsite Optimization and Offsite Optimization are optimized, our website is at the top of the search engine rankings.

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