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What is a search engine and how do we make the most of it ??

Search Engine

What is a search engine and how do we make the most of it ??

As long as we use the internet, we can't help but use a search engine.

The search engine is a program that searches for web pages that match keywords that we set. Examples of search engines: Google (probably the best known and most used search engine - at least in Romania), Bing, Lycos, Ask, Yahoo Search, etc.

Careful! Do not confuse the search engine with the web browser (the application that allows you to see web pages: Internet Explorer, Mozzila, Google Chrome). The search engine cannot run on its own. It is integrated in a web page and thus, you cannot access a search engine unless you have previously opened a web browser.

Search engines are relatively easy to use: enter the word or words you want more information about and get back a list of a few pages that link to those words.

But what do we do if the results we receive are not exactly what we want?

There are several options to improve your search when you do a Google search: 

To exclude a word from a search , use the "-" (minus) sign before the word you want to exclude. 

Careful! There is no space between the excluded word and the minus sign. If you want to exclude more words, you must write a minus in front of each word.

Example: I want to find information about Politehnica Timisoara. Politehnica Timisoara is at the same time a university, but also a football team, a handball team, etc. Suppose I am not interested in information about the Politehnica Timisoara football team. In this case, I can exclude pages that contain the word "football". This means that in the search engine I will write "Politehnica Timisoara - football" (without the quotes).

To find an exact expression , quotation marks are used
In this case, the search engine will search for pages that contain words written in exactly the same order. For example, you will have different results if you write "Politehnica Timisoara" or "Timisoara Politehnica"

To refine your search:

you can use the options available on the left side of the page. Depending on what you are looking for, you have different options available: depending on the time, depending on the content, etc. 

For even more detailed searches:  

advanced search options can be used. After entering the desired words and pressing Enter, on the right side of the results window, the button appears that displays the option " advanced search ". With the advanced search option you can specify several criteria at the same time.

If you are used to looking for information only in one language and you are not interested in others, you can set this for your search engine. Also on the button you have the option "Search Settings", where you can choose both the language in which to use the search engine and the language in which to display the searches (option " Languages ​​- Languages " on the left side of window)

To search for images that match certain keywords, use the Images option at the top of the page (or ) .
For some time, as I found out from a friend 's blog , Google offers the possibility to search for images starting from an image uploaded from you from your computer. This option is good if you saved an image and you don't know where you got it from. I did some experiments to see what happens in different cases, and if you have the time and curiosity, you can try: it's fun 🙂

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