Friday, July 24, 2020

Oily Skin Care Tips | Beauty Tips

Those whose facial skin is oily, have to face many problems. Light oil remains on the face of such people all the time and the face feels sticky. Nail-pimples arise due to oily skin, which spoil the beauty of the face. in the market lots of different types of creams are available to deal with oily skin, but their long-term use is not beneficial. Therefore, today in this article we are sharing the reason.

Overuse of skincare products 

Our facial skin is the most sensitive. Despite this, we use various skincare products to enhance the face. We do more face scrubbing than sure. As a result, the color of our face starts flying. Doing this can also make the skin oily.

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Everyone knows that stress is harmful to health. This can cause many problems. When we are under stress, the hormonal balance in our body deteriorates. Cortisol is also a type of hormone. When we are stressed, it starts leaking into the body, which makes the skin oily.

Unbalanced Diet 

Eating fried, chili-spices, greasy and high-fat foods can also make the skin oily.

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Prescription Drugs 

Excessive drug use can also make the skin oily. Be careful if you are taking hormonal contraceptive medicine or hormone replacement medicine. It may be that due to frequent use of these medicines, your skin also becomes oily and you have to face acne and acne.

Change in hormones 

There are many hormonal changes in the body of women at different levels of life. Whether it is in adolescence or in pregnancy. Even hormonal changes occur in women before and after menopause. During this time, the oily glands present in the body become active and the oil present in the skin starts to soften on the face, due to which the skin becomes oily.

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Makeup is also a reason 

One of the main reasons for oily skin is more makeup. Makeup can cause facial pores to turn off, which leads to skin oily. In addition, excessive use of make-up brushes and cosmetic creams also causes oily skin.

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