Saturday, July 25, 2020

Beauty Tips for rough face with stains and pimples

The best way to keep the skin healthy is to take care of it naturally.  If your face is also damaged due to acne then definitely try these tips (1). 

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 Aglow and beautiful skin attracts everyone.  But skin is affected due to increasing pollution, stress, strong sunlight and other reasons.  This causes skin texture to deteriorate and many skin-related problems arise.  Acne, blemishes, loose skin is one such problem (2). 

Beauty Tips for rough face with stains and pimples 

Especially those with eczema, kerotosis pilaris, and psoriasis have more dry skin.  Also, many chemical and hormonal changes occur in the body of women as they age.  Due to which signs of aging appear on the skin.  Let's know special tips for skin care ... Due to poor skin texture (3)

 Skin texture is usually poor due to the formation of dead and keratinized skin cells.  People who already have other skin-related problems including pimples, blemishes, can have poor skin texture.  This makes the pores of the skin enlarge.  Also, fine lines and wrinkles start coming.  Apart from this, more dead skin cells are formed on the surface of the skin and exposure to sunlight also affects the skin. 

Alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids are found in clinger, moisturizer and exfoliating products.  Using them improves skin texture. (4)

·        It is very important to exfoliate the skin.  For this, walnuts, jojoba beats or lactic acid should be used.  Actually, after exfoliating the face, dead skin cells come out.  At the same time, the follicles also close.  It brings glow to the face. 

·        The best way to keep the skin healthy is to do facial cleansing before sleeping at night.  Take off your makeup before going to bed and clean the dirt on the skin. (5)

 Sunburn or sun damage is also a cause of skin texture.  Use SPF 30 (6) sunscreen to protect your skin.  Also, cover the face before leaving the house. 

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 Chemical peel is a very popular treatment to get rid of skin texture.  Therefore, fruit acid peel facial treatment should be taken.  The chemical peel brings glow to the face and refreshes the skin. (7), 

 If natural methods do not improve your skin texture, then clinic treatment should be resorted to.


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