Friday, June 26, 2020

ब्लॉग बनाने से पहले क्या बातें पता होना ज़रूरी है ? What is blogging ?

ब्लॉग बनाने से पहले क्या बातें पता होना ज़रूरी है ?                           What is blogging ?

Blog, an entire knowledge or letter of a topic. this data is often associated with an individual, place, object, subject, or situation that has omitted you. otherwise, you have gained this data by seeing, listening, reading, or feeling. you've got a record of this data in writing or in your mind.

The record of a corporation is named the blog or blog of that company's account. Your personal diary also can be called your personal blog. an individual's knowledge also can be called that person's blog.

The knowledge gained from seeing, hearing, reading, feeling, and experiences of situations are named a blog.

Friends, sharing your knowledge and experiences with others is named called blogging. you'll share your knowledge either in your family, friends, relatives, and surrounding area or school. otherwise, you can create a blog or website through the web and share it with across the world.

Now come, what are the blogs within the Internet-related field.
Friends, it's called a blog to store our knowledge on the web site through pictures and writing. which individuals of the entire world can easily see, read, and understand. There are often many topics and articles within the blog.

Articles written on the blog are called posts (posts) within the language of the blog. even as the postmen bring posts/articles from time to time, similarly we also write new articles within the blog from time to time, that is, post. people that visit and share comments in our blog read every post which we write.

Blogging is that the sharing of our acquired knowledge by the blog website across the world.

What is the utilization of making a blog website Friends, if you would like to share your knowledge with others, then creating a blog website is extremely beneficial for you.

Suppose you're telling a subject in your group of friends. Maybe fifteen out of twenty people within the group don't like that topic, or their work might not be good. in order that they will substitute your group and obtain bored. it's going to be that some topic within the group is of someone's work, but an equivalent topic isn't of anyone's work or interest.

This is the advantage of making a blog Through the blog website, you'll share knowledge within the across the world rather than small groups.

To share topics within the group, one has got to speak whenever, not within the blog website.

There is no got to post any topic repeatedly on the blog.
One who needs a subject can read an equivalent topic or post by himself. You have to offer just one time on any subject, so you'll write better.
You can share your knowledge within the across the world.

Friends, please share your view and comments in the comments box so il will motivate and write more good blogs.

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