Thursday, June 25, 2020

What is blogging means ? Blogging Kya Hai?


What is blogging means ? Blogging Kya Hai?

Today everyone wants to know what is blogging, if you are searching this topic, what is blogging? 
(Blogging Kya Hai?) And how to do blogging? (Blogging Kaise Kare?) So you are feeling that you want to become a successful blogger. 

In this article, I will try our best to answer all your questions in this subject. 

And I will tell you how to earn money from a successful blogger Kaise Bane and Blogging ?. 

About blogging, Friends, you must have known about many such people who made their own carrier in Blogging, today we are going to tell one such name. Friends, today we know the father of a professional blogger from India. You may have heard his name, yet I tell you that his name is Amit Agarwal. 

Do you know that he quit his job for blogging. And today he is a very big name in the blogging world. Hearing their earnings, you may be blown away. If they had done the job, they could not have made such a big name today. 

He became so successful only because of his skill to become a good blogger. If you too have the ability to write something good (writing skills), then you can also make a name for yourself by blogging and you can also earn a lot of money, If you have something to teach others and you can help others, then you can blogging, 

Let us now come to today's topic and before that Blogging Kya Hai? Blogging Kaise Kare

Before knowing about it, we know that what is this blog? (Blog Kya Hai?). 

What is blogging means ? Blog Kya Hai 

Many people get confused with this question, but it is very easy to understand. Speaking in easy language, you are reading this article and it is my blog, some people also call it website. People use blog to make their ideas easily accessible to others. In this, anyone keeps posting their thoughts from time to time, for this, they share their thoughts about an event or information on any subject by writing. 

Blog size is smaller than that of website. Overall you can also say your Dairy of Blog. By the way, tell you that Blog is a short form of an English word Weblog. In 1997, Jorn Berger named it Weblog. Later in 1999, it was known as Blog. 

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