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Short Stories for Kids in English

                                     Story Phone Read 

An interesting and informative story about two friends who bought two toy phones to negotiate with each other. Yes, only Bear decided to disassemble his device and see how it works. And to collect, as it was, it happened ...

Story Phone Read

Once, Mishka and I were in a toy store and saw a wonderful toy - a telephone.

In a large wooden box lay two telephones, two handsets to talk and listen to, and a whole coil of wire. The saleswoman explained to us that if you put one telephone in one apartment and the other at the neighbors and connect both devices with wire, you can talk.
- Here we would buy! We are just neighbors, ”said the Bear - A good thing! This is not some simple toy that you break and throw away. This is a useful thing!

“Yes,” I say, “a very useful thing!” He wanted to talk, picked up the phone - he talked, and there was no need to go anywhere.

- Convenience! - Bear admired. - You sit at home and talk. Wonderful!

  Short Stories for Kids in English

Mishka and I decided to raise money to buy a phone. For two weeks in a row we did not eat ice cream, did not go to the cinema - we saved all the money. Finally they gathered up how much was needed and bought a phone.

Rushed from the store home with a box. They put one phone at me, the other at Mishka's and from my phone they pulled the wire through the window down, directly to Mishka's phone.

“Well,” says the Bear, “let's try to talk.” Run upstairs and listen.

I rushed to my place, picked up the phone and listen, and the phone is already shouting in Mishkin's voice:

- Hello! Hello!

I, too, will scream:

- Hello!

- Do you hear anything? - shouting Bear.

- I hear that. Do you hear?

- I hear that. That's great! Do you hear well?

- Good. And you?

- And I feel good! Ha ha ha Do you hear me laughing?

- I hear that. Ha ha ha Do you hear?

- I hear that. Listen, I’ll come to you now. Bear came running to me, and we began to hug for joy:

- It's good that you bought a phone! True? - says Bear.

“Of course,” I say, “well.”

“Listen, now I'll go back and call you.” He ran away and called again. I picked up the phone:

- Hello!

- Hello!

- Do you hear that?

- I hear that.

- Good?

- Good.

- And I well. Let's talk.

- Come on, - I say, - and what to talk about?

- Well, about what ... About something ... It's good that we bought a phone, right?

- True.

- Well, if you hadn’t bought it, it would be bad. True?

- True.

- Well?

- What is “well”?

“Why aren't you talking?”

“Why don't you talk?”

“Yes, I don’t know what to talk about,” says Mishka. - It always happens like this: when you need to talk, you don’t know what to talk about, and when you don’t need to talk, you talk and talk like that ...

I say:

“Let’s do this: think about it, and when we think up, then we’ll call.”

- Okay.

I hung up and began to think. Suddenly the bell. I picked up the phone.

- Well, come up with? - asks Bear.

- Not yet, I didn’t think of it.

“I haven't figured it out yet.”

“Why are you calling, just not invented?”

“And I thought you came up.”

“Then I would call.”

“And I thought you won’t guess.”

- Well, what do you think, donkey?

- No, what a donkey you are! You are not a donkey at all! Did I say you donkey!

“What are you saying?”

- Nothing. I say that you are not a donkey.

- Well, enough to tell you about a donkey! Let's learn lessons better.

- Come on.

I hung up and sat down for lessons. Suddenly, Bear calls again:

- Listen, now I will sing and play the piano on the phone.

“Well, sing,” I say.

There was some hissing, then the music rattled, and suddenly Mishka began to sing in a voice other than his own:

Where did you go
My spring is golden days-and-and?

"What is it? - I think. “Where did he learn to sing like that?” Suddenly Bear himself is. Mouth to ear.
“You thought I was singing.” This gramophone sings on the phone! Let me listen.

I gave him the phone. He listened, listened, then when he hung up - and ran down. I picked up the phone, and there “Pshhh! Pshhhh! Drr! Drr! ” Perhaps the record is over. I sat down again for the lessons. Call again. I picked up the phone:

Short Stories for Kids in English

- Hello!

And from the tube:

- Av! Av! Av!

“Why are you,” I say, barking like a dog????

- It's not me. This is a friend talking to you. Do you hear him bite the pipe with his teeth?

- I hear.

- I’m poking him in the face with a pipe, and he gnaws at her with his teeth.

“You better not mess up the phone.”

- Nothing, it's iron ... Ay! Go away! I'll show you how to bite! It is for you! (Av! Av! Av!) Bites, you know?

“I understand,” I say.

I sat down again for the lessons. A minute later the call. I picked up the phone, and there something buzzing:


“Hello,” I shout. “Joo-woo! Zhu-u! ”

- What are you buzzing over there?

- A fly.

- What a fly?

“Well, a simple fly.” I hold it in front of the pipe, and it flaps its wings and buzzes.

The whole evening, Mishka and I called each other and thought up different tricks: we sang, shouted, growled, mumbled, even talked in a whisper - everything was audible. I finished my lessons late and think:

“I’ll call Mishka again before going to bed.”

He called, but he does not answer. "What is this? - I think. “Is the phone bad?”

I called again - again there is no answer! I think:

“We have to go find out what’s the matter.”

I resort to him ... Father! He put the phone on the table and breaks. I pulled out the battery from the device, dismantled the call and unscrewed the phone

- Wait! - I say. - Why are you breaking the phone?

- Yes, I do not break. I just want to see how it works. I will disassemble and then assemble it back.

“So are you going to collect?” This must be understood.   Short Stories for Kids in English

- Well, I understand. What is there still not to understand! He unscrewed the tube, took some pieces of iron out of it and began to pick out the round plate that was inside. The plate fell out, and black powder fell from the tube. The bear got scared and began to collect the powder back into the tube.

Well, you see, I say, what have you done!!!

“Nothing,” he says, “I will now collect everything as it was.” And he began to collect. Tinkering, tinkering ... Cogs are small, it is difficult to tighten. Finally he collected the phone, only the piece of iron he had left and two extra screws.

- And where is this from? - I ask.

- Oh, I am open! - says Bear. - I forgot! She had to be screwed inside. You have to disassemble the handset again.

“Well,” I say, “I will go home, and you, as soon as it is ready, call me.”

I went home and waited. He waited, waited, so he did not wait, and lay down to sleep.

The next morning the phone will ring! I jumped up naked, grabbed the phone and shouted:

- I'm listening!

And from the tube in response:

- Why are you grunting?

- How is it - grunt? I don’t grunt, I say.

- Stop grunting! Speak humanly! - shouting Bear.

“I speak humanly.” Why grunt?

- Well, enough of you to indulge! Anyway, I won’t believe that you brought the piglet into the room.

- Yes they tell you that there is no piglet! I got angry.

The bear fell silent. A minute later he comes to me:

- Why are you grunting on the phone?

- I did not grunt.

“I heard that.”

“Why should I grunt?”

“I don't know,” he says. - Only in my phone everything is “oink-oink” and “oink-oink”. Here you go, if you do not believe me, listen.

I went to him and phoned:

- Hello!

At first, nothing was heard, and then slowly like this:
“Grunt!” Grunt! Grunt! ” I say:

- Grunts.

And in response again:

“Grunt!” Grunt! Grunt! ”

- Grunts! I shout. And from the tube again:

“Grunt!” Grunt! Grunt! Grunt! ”

Then I realized what was happening, and ran to Mishka.

“It's you,” I say, “the phone messed up!”

- Why?

“You took it apart, and you ruined something in your pipe.”

- Probably, I collected something wrong, - says Bear. - It needs to be fixed.

“How can you fix it now?”

“And I will see how your telephone is arranged, and I will do mine as well.”

- I won’t let my phone be taken apart!

- Don’t be afraid! I am careful. It’s necessary to fix it! And he began to repair. He fumbled, fumbled - and repaired so that nothing was heard at all. Even grunting ceased.

- Well, what to do now? I ask.

“You know,” says the Bear, “let's go to the store, maybe they will fix it there.”

We went to the toy store, but they didn’t repair the phones there and did not even know where they were repairing. All day we went boring. Suddenly, Bear came up with:

- We are eccentric! After all, we can communicate by telegraph!

- How - by telegraph?

- Very simple: dot, dash. After all, the call is valid! A short bell is a dot and a long bell is a dash. Learn Morse code and talk!

We got the Morse code and began to learn: “A” - a dot, a dash; “B” - dash, three dots; “B” - a point, two dashes ... We learned the entire alphabet and began to talk.

At first, it turned out slowly, and then we learned, like real telegraphists: “rub-rub-rub!” - and everything is clear. It was even more interesting than a simple phone. Only this did not last long. Once I’m calling Mishka in the morning, but he doesn’t answer. Well I think, still sleeping.Called later - again does not answer. I went to him and knock on the door. Bear opened and says:

- Why are you banging on the door? Can't you see what? And shows a button on the door.

- What is it? - I ask.

- Button.

- What?

Short Stories for Kids in English

- Electric. We now have an electric bell, so you can call.

- Where did you take?

- I did it myself.

- Of what?

- From the phone.

- How - from the phone?

- Very simple. A call from the phone tore, a button - too. And he took the battery out of the phone. There was a toy - it became a thing!

“What right did you have to disassemble the telephone?” I say.

- What a right! I disassembled my phone. You didn’t touch yours.

- So the phone is our common one! If I knew that you would break, then I would not buy with you! Why do I need a phone if there’s no one to talk to!

“Why should we talk?” I suppose we live nearby, and you can come and talk.

- I don’t want to talk after that!

I was angry with him and did not talk to him for three days. Out of boredom, I dismantled my phone and made an electric bell out of it.

Just not like Bear. I arranged everything neatly. I put the battery near the door on a shelf, from it along the wall of the wire I extended it to an electric bell and a button. And I screwed the button to the door with screws so that it would not hang on one nail, like Mishka’s. Even Mom and Dad praised me for doing such a useful thing in the house.

I went to Mishka to tell him that now I also have an electric bell.
I went to the door, I called ... I pressed the button, pressed - no one is opening. “Maybe the call went bad?” - I think. He began to knock on the door. Bear opened. I'm asking:

- What does the call do not work?

- It does not work.

- Why?

- Yes, I took apart the battery.

- What for?

“Well, I wanted to see what the battery is made of.”

“Well,” I say, “now you will be — without a telephone and without a call?”

“Nothing,” he sighed, “I will somehow!” I went home, and I think: “Why is Mishka so awkward? Why is he breaking everything ?! ” I even felt sorry for him.

In the evening I went to bed and could not fall asleep for a long time, I remembered everything: how we had a telephone and how an electric bell came out of it. Then I began to think about electricity, how it turns out in the battery and from what. Everyone was asleep for a long time, but I kept thinking about it and could not fall asleep. Then I got up, lit the lamp, removed the battery from the shelf and broke it. There was some kind of liquid in the battery, in which a black stick was wrapped in a rag. I realized that electricity came from this fluid. Then he went to bed and quickly fell asleep.

Short Stories for Kids in English

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